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Earn online as a discussion board (Forum) moderator

Many people keep spamming forums and post nasty, negative and inappropriate things on forums which is disgusting for other forum members. Forum owners want to stop such things and remove inappropriate comments to keep other peoples interest in forum and therefore forum moderator’s online job comes in picture. So long as discussion boards exist, the board moderators have to exist and this is great opportunity to earn online.

What is the job of discussion board (forum) moderator?

As a discussion board or forum moderator, your job is to monitor each and every comment posted by forum members. Whenever you see the irrelevant, negative or Sammy comments you should delete those comments immediately.

May people ask questions on forum but many times they have to wait longer to get answers of all their questions.  Forum moderator should jump in to this situation and proactively respond to users question so that they can retain their interest in forum.

Forum moderators should encourage people to post new things in forum and ensure forum remains busy all the time. You should start new interesting thread in which people are interested. Some people ignore forum rules while posting things. You can warn them and block such a comments or delete their account if they are too spammy.

This online forum moderator job would be great fun if forum topic is interesting for you. In fact choose such forum you are interested in and if you are knowledge hungry, then you would increase your knowledge a lot by reading all comments in the forum. This could be a great learning opportunity for you.

How can I become the discussion board (forum) moderator?

Just follow the simple steps below if you want to earn online as a forum moderator.

  • Visit any freelancing website such as guru.com or www.upwork.com and register yourself.
  • Describe the things you are interested in also do not forget to mention your level of expertise.
  • There are many platforms to get online job as forum moderator. Just Google for it and you will get lots of opportunities.
  • Find the forum you are interested in and contact owner for the further discussion. Mention your experience, knowledge and level of expertise.

How much money can I earn online as a forum moderator?

As a forum moderator, you can earn hourly or daily depending on the agreement you make with forum owners.

On an average you can earn $5 to $15 hourly depending on your experience and working speed.

Your earning will be increased day by day as you gain experience in this field.

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