Earn online as guest post writer

Earn online as a guest post writer and make lots of money

Are you expert in writing? Do you like to write on topics that you like? Do you want to  earn money online by writing the guest post? 

If yes, then you are a suitable candidate for a guest post writer job.

Many website owners nowadays hire guest post writer experts as they want to write specific high quality content for their website or blog. If you are expert in any particular topic, you can earn money online by showing your expertise as a guest post writer. 

Guest posts can be written on websites or on social media like facebook. Many people are interested to read guest posts as it is written by somebody else (expert) other than the site owner so it appears more genuine to them.

If your guest post is attractive enough and able to keep people engaged in it, you can get more and more traffic to the website. More traffic means more earning so website owners prefer to get guest posts written by experts. 

How can I earn online by writing guest posts?

  • Decide the area that you are expert in and try to gain more and more knowledge on that topic. 
  • Be active on forums and get the attention of site owners by writing the rich posts  so that they can contact you for guest post writing.
  • You also can contact forums and websites owners and explain your expertise in a particular area. You can tell them that you are interested in writing guest posts for them  so that they will ask you to write posts on any particular topic. 
  • After getting a job, make sure you complete all work within a specific timeline. It will help you to establish a good reputation and you will get more posts for writing.
  • Discuss with website or forum owners and and agree on article length in words, timeline and your fees per post.

How much can I earn  as a guest post writer?

It depends on the type of article, length, quality and attractiveness of your article. If your article mees the website owners expectations, you can charge $10 to $200 per post.

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