Earn online asa counselor

Earn online as a online counselor

Earn online as a counselor ! Nowadays many people are living very hectic and depressed lives. They have lots of questions to ask but they do not find the right person to get an answer from. They do not want to meet a counselor as they are not willing to disclose their identity.

They just want all answers to their questions anonymously. Here online counselor concept emerges.  If you have an ability and skill to counsel people, this would be the fun job for you.

This job doesn’t require any special education but if you have any such then it would be value added. This is great opportunity to earn huge money online. 

How can I earn online as an online counselor? 

  • For an online counselors job, you have to have a medium to reach people online. The medium could be a website or social media platform such as your business page on facebook or facebook group or account on other social media platforms like instagram, twitter etc. 
  • If you want to create your website, you can refer to this article. You can use Blogger or wordpress platform to create your website. 
  • If you do not have your own website, you can register to many freelancing websites and create your account. 
  • Another great way is to create your facebook page and mention the information of services that you provide to your client. 
  • You can join relevant facebook groups and post your advertisement there to get many clients. You can also use the facebook paid ad option.
  • You must be calm and patient as many people vent their emotions and frustration. Make yourself capable of handling such situations. 
  • Start making your customer base and focus on good service along with advertisements. 
  • Practice communication on a daily basis and try to make it more and more impressive.
  • Get as much knowledge as you can on counseling. It will help a lot to  build your career as a counselor. 

How much money can I make as a counselor?

It depends on your skill, knowledge and communication. On an average you can make around $50 to $300 per client. 

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