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Earn online as podcaster – The voice blogging

Nowadays podcasting is one of the reliable mediums to reach out to your blog visitors in the form of recorded voice and earn money online.

This is similar to blogging but the main difference is that you write articles in text format in blogging while in podcasting, you record your thoughts in the form of voice.

Podcasting is getting more popular day by day especially among those people who get bored or feel sleepy while reading or those who want to learn by listening rather than reading.  

The benefits you would get from podcasting are similar to blogging. You can post regularly like a blogger. You can monetize your podcast site with google adsense or any third party advertiser. You can also monetize it through affiliate marketing. You would get the same benefits as a blogger does. 

How  can I earn online as a podcaster?

  • Get good quality mic, headphone, and some recording or editing software. You must have these things to become a successful podcaster. 
  • You have to have a website created so that you can upload your recordings on it. If not, create it right now. There are many wordpress themes available for podcasting sites. 
  • There are many paid as well free programs in the market to record your audio with some nice audio settings. Just google for it. Audacity is one of the popular applications to start with. 
  • Try to record your voice in high quality MP3 files. If your software doesn’t allow you to record your voice directly in MP3, you can convert it then back to MP3 with the help of MP3 converter. 
  • You also would need MP3 cutter and joiner software so that you can cut unwanted portions of your recording easily.
  • Upload your MP3 with proper website description. 
  • Share your MP3 on social media groups or wherever possible in order to get more and more traffic. 
  • Update your site on a regular basis so that you can easily create a lister base and many people will visit your site regularly. 
  • Try to make it viral on social media platforms by advertising your content. You can share it with many facebook groups or you also can opt for paid advertisement to form a listener base. 

How much can I make online as a podcaster?

There is no limit. It is depending on the website traffic, monetization method, number of posts etc.  Many people are already earning millions of dollars by podcasting.

There is much earning potential in podcasting and this concept is getting popular day by day. You need to consistent enough to earn as a podcaster

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