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Earn online by article writing online job

Do you love writing new things? Do you have a good command over language? Is your writing attractive and keep engaging people?  Are you interested in online job?

If yes,  then you can earn a huge amount of money in the world of article or content writing.

In order to maintain website ranking on Google, it is necessary to update it on a regular basis. Many website owners do not get time to post new articles regularly so that they hire people to write content on their behalf.

The article writing job has huge demand in the digital world nowadays and many people are already earning lots of money through this job. You need not to be educated enough, just good knowledge of things and basic command over language will do the job.

You must be consistent in order to earn online through this online job. As skills improve, your earning will also improve. You can do this online job part time as well full time or whenever you get time. There is no limit and restriction at all. 

How can I earn online as an article or content writer?

There are many ways you can get this job. Either you can go through freelancing websites or reach out directly to website owners or simply search google because many website owners do not post their requirement on freelancing websites rather they post it on jobs site or any other portals. 

  • Visit freelancing websites like or and create your profile. 
  • Search for freelancing online jobs and apply for it. 
  • They will give you some sample writing jobs, and if they like your article, you will get more articles to write from them. 
  • Apart from the above freelancing website, you can search on google as many jobs provider sites also post article writers jobs. Just find it and apply for it. 
  • You can also search websites having topics of your interest and contact the website owner directly (through contact information provided by the website in contact us section). 
  • Keep yourself updated on the topic for which you want to write an article. You can read the books or watch videos on the internet in order to gain some knowledge. 
  • After getting selected, discuss your fees per post, time limit, word in article, SEO friendliness and agree on it. 

How much can I earn online as an article or content writer?

Content writers charge up to $100 per post depending on your experience and quality or length or article. This is one of the highly paid online job nowadays. Knowledge matters a lot in an article writing job. If you are a master in the topic on which you are writing an article, you can demand for the premium charges.

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