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Earn online by teaching your skills to others

Now a day each and every person must have at least one skill to survive in this world. This skill could be earning source for some people and could be hobby for other. Now you can teach your skill to others and earn lots of money online. For that you need to spend some hours to teach your mentees. has made available this platform you. On this platform you can teach musical instruments such as guitar, piano, harmonium etc. If you know something about animation, you can teach it on this platform. If you are expert in making or editing videos with the help of software then this skill has huge demand now days because many new youtubers always search about video editing course. You can teach fine art to people and earn money.

There are lots of other options like graphic design, illustration, music & dance, photography, /UI/UX design, web development, business analytics, freelance & entrepreneurship, leadership and management, marketing, life style, productivity and much more. You can also post online course videos and earn some decent income. You can create your account on all such websites in this way you can get the opportunity to get new orders.

Apart from getting online income, these websites will also help you developing your particular skills. For example, if you are interested in playing guitar, then you can get yourself trained by choosing any guitar course on this website and once you get trained and get enough confidence then you can work as an online music teacher.

What can I do to become online tutor?

  • Register yourself on the websites like or or as a tutor.
  • Describe your skills and flair in details so that many people will contact you.
  • Discuss about fees, class duration, courses offered and agree on it.
  • Try to gain trust of people for long life of your online business.

How much can I earn as online tutor?

It depends on how much students you get online. Off course this is slowly and steadily growing business so you must be patient in initial days. You can charge $50 to $200 on an average per course per student. Just take a look at how much other people are charging for same course and decide your fees. Try to implement new ideas to attract more and more people.

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