Earn online as a language translator

Earn online as a language translator

Do you know any second language which is having huge demand? Do you love translating documents? Are you ready to earn online as a language translator?

If yes, then an online language translator job is yours. Nowadays there are many online language translator websites and software in the market but they are not able to translate the things very accurately specially technical documents so many people do not believe on language translator websites.

They want to get their document translated manually so that they can maintain its accuracy. The manual language translator is still having huge demand. If you are well versed in second languages like French, German, Russian, Italian etc, then you can teach them English and add some extra bucks in your pocket.

There are many freelancing websites that make this platform available for you. You can do this online job part time or full time or whenever you get time. There is no limit and restriction at all. 

How can I earn online as a language translator?

  • It is recommended to learn a second language which is having huge demand like French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian etc. There are many courses available online. You can opt for any of them. 
  • Register yourself to any freelancing website like www.upwork.com, www.techradar.com, www.topal.com etc. and apply for language translator. Mention the languages that you know. 
  • Apart from freelancing websites, there are many sites which regularly post the language translator job requirements. Register yourself on those sites as well to increase the opportunity to get more and more work. 
  • Once you get enough work, you can outsource it to any third party translator and earn commission.
  • If possible, try to create your own website and post the services that you offer. 
  • Publish your services on social media like facebook, instagram, twitter etc. Create a facebook page and mention all services that you offer. 
  • Join facebook groups of similar topics, and post your advertisements on the groups.
  • If required, opt for facebook paid advertising option to reach more and more customers. 
  • After getting a client, discuss your charges, timeline or completion period etc. and agree on it .

How much Can I earn as a language translator?

As a document translator, you approximately get $0.01 per word or whatever you have agreed on in the discussion. Make sure that you are registering yourself on trusted sites only as there are many fraud websites in this field which get work done from you and pay nothing. 

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