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Online Job to teach language that you know

Yes, you heard it correctly!  You can teach your native language to interested people and earn lots of money  online as a language tutor. There are many website which provides you the platform on which you can register yourself as a language tutor and you can teach your native language to others. You may earn lots of money by implementing this online job module. There are many language options available on this website so if you are well versed in 2 to 3 languages, you can earn a lot.

What can I do to become an online language tutor?

  • You would have to register yourself first on any or all below websites which provides you the platform to find your online client.  www.takelessons.com, www.italki.com, www.preply.com etc.
  • Interested people will contact you on the number/mail which you provide while registering yourself.
  • Discuss about your fees, other terms and conditions and agree on it.
  • You can increase your reach ability by providing discount so that more people can join you. But obviously this is optional!
  • You can offer them courses other than language in which you are having good knowledge.

How much can I earn as language tutor?

This is the interesting question. You can charge daily/weekly/monthly or as per your course duration. You can charge up to $10 to $30 per student per month so this is another great source of income and can be done part time or full time.

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